Sunday, June 3, 2012

Junior's in NYC

Carmen and I spent a weekend in NYC and passed Junior's early Sunday morning. Known of course for cheesecake, we saw that it was open for breakfast. As wonderful as I thought a ham and cheesecake omelet would be, it wasn't on the menu, but they did have a great menu for breakfast. We were seated right away and greeted by our server who was friendly and accommodating. I had a pastrami omelet that was loaded and C had a basic breakfast and a fruit cup that she enjoyed. The price was great and a recommend for anyone in NYC or Lehigh Valley.

But down to business....the rest room was clean and certainly in Junior's style...bright orange ALL OVER. When you enter from the street in is in the South corner with only a couple small signs pointing it out and then up the hall.
Always fascinated with bathrooms with 1 urinal and 1 toilet and 2 sinks....actually, I guess it kinda makes sense.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The French Laundry in Felton Michigan

Cute place, great food and a nice french flair. After having lunch and needing to use the water closet (how french is that) I found a unisex room with one toilet and no urinal.

As a shared earlier, privacy is one of my main concerns and when you can hear people at the table outside the restroom talking, thats no going to be a good sign.

Another factor I always look for is a fan. Now I know this maybe a pretty simple request, but you'll find that they are far and inbetween.

As well expected, this made for a very bad experience for both me and the people having lunch at table 3 and for that matter table 1 and 2 probably had a speed bump as well.

Friendly advice for the French Laundry...You may want to have spray in there as well.

Why I Know

You may wonder why anyone would want to know about restrooms throughout the world. Well, the short story is that I need to use the bathroom frequently. The longer story is that I had a touch of surgery done many years ago that makes my stopping into restroom more needed than for most people.

So some of my reviews maybe more critical than most because I'm not going in to check my hair, I'm going in to actually USE the restroom.

Please feel free to send in your photos and review (of the restroom, no actual people in the photos please)

You'll find that one of my MAIN factors in my review will be PRIVACY.

Why you should know

We've all had our stops that we couldn't avoid. Whether it's the highway rest stop, or the quick stop at the mall, we've all been there. Now we have the chance to share the places to avoid and the places you can feel comfortable.

From rest stops on the Ohio Turnpike to the Bed Bath and Beyond in Whitehall Pa. From the Exxon station in Felton Michigan to the rest room in the Lipp Cafe in Paris.

Send in your photos and review